About us

Role and mission

Euroglaces is the representative of the Ice Cream industry in Europe, supporting its richness and variety, in close cooperation with all its members. As an active, committed and responsible stakeholder in European debates, Euroglaces mission is to create an optimum regulatory environment for all European industrial ice cream companies, whatever their size, to manage ice cream specific issues and to promote the sector’s interests.


The members of Euroglaces are national or regional Ice Cream associations, or in their absence, individual ice cream companies established in a European country. Together, Euroglaces members represent about 70 ice cream companies across Europe. Most of these companies are small or medium-sized enterprises.

Members' list


General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the association and meets once a year. Its powers include the admission & exclusion of members, the approval of the annual budget and work program, the appointment of the Board of Directors, the amendment of the articles of association, etc. The General Assembly is composed of all members, each member having 1 vote.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the policy-making body of the association. It defines and decides the broad lines and strategic directions of the association’s policy and priorities, and establishes the internal rules of procedure. The Board of Directors is composed of minimum 5 Directors, all senior management level and all belonging to a different national/regional association.

Regulatory Affairs Committee and its Task Forces

The Regulatory Affairs Committee and its Task Forces form the basis of the association’s daily activities. They provide the expert guidance needed to prepare position papers and to put forward policy options to the Board of Directors. The Regulatory Affairs Committee and Task Forces are participative meetings composed of nutrition, regulatory and/or technical experts from both companies and national/regional ice cream associations.


Secretary general

The secretariat, based in Brussels, oversees the daily management of the association. Besides the administrative, financial & organizational aspects of the association, the secretariat is responsible for carrying out the strategic planning, for coordinating the work of the regulatory affairs committee and for representing the association.