Ice Cream makes you happy

People have enjoyed eating ice cream for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. 
Ice cream is a source of enjoyment and pleasure in the diet.
Savouring the simple pleasures in life like ice cream can boost happiness.
There is a very wide variety of ice cream products available on the market ranging from simple milk or water ices on a stick
through to highly indulgent ice cream products made from dairy cream with chocolate coatings, sauces, cones, toppings, etc.   

All about Ice Cream

Do you know that there are some really interesting facts about the history of ice cream, how ice cream is made, how to store ice cream and everything else you ever wanted to know about ice cream?
Take a look at  the following facts about ice cream that you didn’t know…..

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Code for Edible Ices

The Code for Edible Ices is an industry code developed by Euroglaces, which allowed greater harmonization of pan-European ice cream formulations and denominations and opened opportunities to reformulate ice cream products.  

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Ice Cream for health-conscious consumers

Europe's ice cream manufacturers, represented by Euroglaces, are taking their role and responsibility in relation to nutrition and health seriously. They contribute to the promotion of balanced diets by offering a wide range of ice cream options that taste great and that meet the needs of health-conscious 21st century consumers. 

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Everyone has special Ice Cream Memories

Ice cream is an enormously popular food and it is made and eaten in almost every country in the world. The term “ice cream” covers a broad range of different product types with the common features that they are normally sweet, are distinctively flavoured, and unlike any other food are consumed in the frozen state. 

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