Everyone has special Ice Cream Memories

Beyond its special physical characteristics, ice cream has a very strong emotional content. It is often associated with special occasions, moments of pleasure with family and friends. Everyone has special ice cream memories!

One of the main reasons for the enduring popularity of ice cream is the sheer variety of products on offer from refreshing water ices and sorbets through to luxurious ice cream combined with any number of toppings, coatings and inclusions. There are ice cream products suitable for all occasions, to be eaten inside or outside of the home and which appeal to all consumers from the very young to the very old.

In many countries, there has been a move away from traditionally prepared meals and set mealtimes. The consequence for in-home consumption of ice cream has been a shift from standard dessert tub ice cream to include multi-pack versions of existing products. These are often mini or snack size formats and complement the growing consumer trend for treats to reward good dietary habits practiced during the day. Although ice cream is still eaten as an accompaniment to meals, it is often consumed during relaxation moments such as when watching TV, listening to music, reading a book, as a mid-afternoon break or after returning home from school or work.  

Out of home consumption is very much an impulse driven purchase where ice cream manufacturers have created more opportunities for “on the go” consumption. Availability of products is now common place in outlets such as cinemas, petrol stations, leisure centers, convenience stores and airports. Single serve portions such as mini-tubs of bulk ice cream are widely available in these outlets and these allow consumers to enjoy their favorite products wherever they may be.

Ice cream is a favourite food for billions of people around the world and the producers constantly seek out ways of bringing new varieties for new eating occasions to be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.